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Submit a support ticket request using our easy online form. You'll receive a confirmation email, and we'll be notified about your issue. We'll respond as soon as we can, typically same business day, and keep you updated on progress in the ticket.

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Start a remote control session to allow us to access and control your computer or device. You'll need to download and run a small app, and give us the support code it displays. Please only select this option if you were instructed to do so.


911!!! I need help right now! This option is for true emergencies, such as system-wide outages that are impacting your entire business. Choosing this option outside of normal business hours will result in emergency service charges.

The support options on this site are intended for existing customers of TechTronic Solutions. If you are not an existing customer and submit a ticket, it may not be routed in our system properly, resulting in a delayed response. If you are not an existing customer and initiate an emergency support request, do not expect a response. For more information about our products and services, and for additional contact methods, please visit our main site at techtronicllc.com.